My wish is to be a mom shaped by Jesus Christ


What I am Thankful For

Before I got married I never tough my life will be the way it is now, I tough I will be living in Guatemala, working Architecture, living in a luxury apartment in the city, traveling and enjoying  a single life, shaped by all those “wonderful dreams” the world provides.

But God had another plan for me, a plan totally different a plan that I never imagined.

I am so thankful to knowledge that God is the only author of my life, all I have is to His Glory. We live a goof life, trying to do our best to please God and taking care of our kids and family, who make our life better every single day. We don’t have all we wish for in this world but I am sure we have more than what we need more than what we deserve, God provide for us every single day and He knows what is better for us.

Every day I wake up with the desire in my heart of to be the best wife and mom ever but sadly some times by the time goes thru the day it is more difficult, things just come from no where, I lose control of my emotions some times or my words or my actions so by the end of the day I become what I didn’t wanna be but you know what? God gives me the opportunity to repent and ask for forgiveness every single day and He gives me another opportunity to make it better which I am so thankful for, I never gonna stop working hard to become the wife my husband deserve and the mom my kids deserve because my wish is to be a mom shaped by Jesus Christ.

God has blessed me huge, I love my boys with all I have.